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Found 1 result

  1. Strategy Games

    Hey everyone! So some of you may know me, others may not. I'm not sure how many of you play from back in the day :P. I used to play RuneScape - (RSN = Koncker) many years ago - quit around 2009 to go play WoW. Anyways! I'm now working in a company that makes strategy games. The game is called World War Online, and here's the trailer: I'm going around finding oldschool Runescape players, because having been part of VR in the past, along with EoS, RoT and DF I feel close to you guys keeping the dream going :P. I quit playing when they started ruining the game, and didn't want to get my progress back when they re-released OS-RS - that was a lot of years, money and time wasted. Help me grow this game guys! I'd really appreciate it! - Here's a link to the game itself - https://www.worldwaronline.com/