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VR robs plus ones all day and night. (Zak and Donna trip)

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: @OSRS_VR
VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs




3The ESTers desperately wanted their finest EST leader back in the wilderness, so I calmly pushed aside my responsibilities the next day and went on an all night bankloot extravaganza. Ended up smoking goa karo and co at spider, being interupted by a valeni scheme that actually worked and taking some kid for a max set. (Stop you'll ruin the LURE)  Cleared multiple no name teams as no clan really PKs anymore went and smashed a greggs at 10 am after owning all night. 


Np for carry EST I've missed the EST cancer in voice chats.


Until next time.  

















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Took you 12 hours to make that, eh? :P


JK, nice job guys. Especially killing the dumb ass streamer.

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vr wins again lmfao most active clan !LOC PD !LOC SV !LOC ROT !LOC AC !LOC ANY OTHER DUMB FUCK CLAN

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