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I honestly thought it was Sparze this whole time bro. I shouldn't of assumed...there were too many coincidences. I know there's no excuse. It was stupid for me to play along. I can even show you the logs to prove there are no recent convos. I stopped messaging the account back. I ignored or declined any offers from actual RoT and PD officials. I understand if you think differently of me now but when I say I had no intentions of joining RoT or any other clan I really mean it. I invested time and energy in to VR cause I care and love everyone in the clan. I didn't do it to not make it obvious that I was "spying" I even knew it wasnt RoT since the discord icon had a red ring around it which means RoT leader. I'm feeling very down right now and upset. I'm not trying to sound like a victim but I am genuinely upset since I wanted to stay in VR. I wish I could go back in time and not done that.
kind of depressed about the whole situation

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