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Violent Resolution vs Rage [2-1] - June 21


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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: @OSRS_VR
VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs


Was contacted by Rage looking for a fight this week. We accepted a KO x1, F25 x2 and rolled up for our Knockout Round 1.


Round 1 - Knckout

VR got a 1 kill early lead but Rage did well to come back quickly. Went kill for kill until the 17 man mark or so where Rage took a 2 kill lead and really never looked back. Continued down to 6 v 9 until we called to leave CC and start Round 2. 


Rage Win 9/27


Round 2 - First to 25

Fight started explosive from VR as Rage managed to pile some good VR tanks off the bat. Our RNG was on point and never really looked back from the get go. We took a 4 kill lead near the start and continued it right until the end.


VR Wins 25-21



Round 3 - First to 25

Great start from us again as we were up 17-12 at one point. Rage did very well to bring it back second half of the fight as it came down to the wire as VR took it in the end.


VR Wins 25-23



Thanks for the fight Rage, was fun. Good job all VR who attended.





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Gf lads. Bosha and Whip are holding Rage clan down

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