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Nov 30 - Smoking DR

Free VR GFX to use


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Hi all, 

Just wanted to post some free GFX for anyone to use in VR as my way of saying thank you for all the continued support. 



Logo in the making


unknown.png unknown.png fec4b113741bb00e21e0d572740d5013.png





Transparent high resolution logo 
















Avatar Blue (you can use this on either forums or Discord)


b797a9f093189e4ae45e2529c323d749.png 5e5299219103a4e6edde856fb09f8e33.gif


Avatar Purple (you can use this on either forums or Discord)


197870de30337ea76c128bc69ca02819.png d84e4d33ad15678d6eeffcd12d3883b7.gif

If you would like to place an order feel free to contact me by clicking on the banner below or add Frost2#3033




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That's awesome and very kind of you! 


Your work is outstanding and hope we will see a lot more of it around in future!

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1 hour ago, Stacked said:

Thanks for the GFX buddy! Appreciate it, If your looking for GFX this is your guy to go to!

Without a doubt! Glad to be a customer to this guy and really happy to see it come to fruition for all to see! 


Thanks @FrostGFX

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