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Violent Resolution Smokes Rag Alliance (DF+Rev+BC+PD+Clumpa+Heroes) - Sept 23


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Stephen A. Smith

Now let me start off by saying congratulations to Violent Resolution for an exceptional performance. Let me tell ya'll something about preservance. Preservance is when you still get great pulls despite the lack of content in the game! Preservance is when you still fight despite being outnumbered! Violent Resolution is all of that AND some! I just want to say directly to BC. Rev. DF. Clumper. Heros. What the hell are you guys doing? Ask yourself "What the hell are we doing?". BECAUSE FRANKLY I THINK YOU WASTING EVERYBODY'S TIME! NOT ONE OF YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE DOING! YOU ARE HORRIBLE! TERRIBLE! THIS WAS A DISGRACE! DO YOU EVEN COMMUNICATE IN THE SAME LANGUAGE? THIS WAS ATROCIOUS! YOU STINK! YOU'RE TRASH! JUSt QUIT DO SOMETHING ELSE! As for Hero's. You need to rename to something else because quite frankly your performance was garbage. You don't fight like hero's. Here's some clear direction to all of you. You all need to grab your plates and sit your ass down in the cafeteria cause you all got served! Rev. DF. You're time is beyond up. Just leave the game in peace. No one wanted to see Ben Roethlisberger play anymore! No one especially wants to see all of you sorry ass has beens play! 

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