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Violent Resolutions Sunday EST Sweep - Nov 20, 2022


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Twitter: @OSRS_VR
VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs


Got the fellas on for a PK Sweep of the Wilderness today. Started off in Slayer caves as we scouted a smaller team earlier, finding and clearing them with ease. Scouted Liths at Vetion so moved there to give them the smoke, rolling in on them with about 10ish fighting them for a couple minutes before the decided they had enough and ran to singles. Following Liths to Callisto we started hopping around eventually find another random team of 12 catching them in a barrage clump logging into the Pocket.  Eventually finding Liths again smoking them in .3 seconds. Kept rotating between Callisto/Vetion/Spider as scouts kept finding smaller teams and some PVMers in juicy gear.

Scouted TK at Altar so decided to give them the Drive By treatment. Logging in a bait to tank their melee rush, We logged in hugging the walls catching TK's 4 man melee pile dropping them like flies. Kowning they were highlighting any tk/bc to come save thier disaster of a pk trip, we would continued hopping before we would clear out Altar along with every other location dying off, so we called it a night. GG's







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