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The History of Violent Resolution

Violent Resolution

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Violent Resolution

2006 – The Beginning

7th of August 2006. Unknown at the time, would be a day that would go down in the history of the clan world. It was the day that a merge between Awaken and Hostile created one of the best clans to ever grace the game, Violent Resolution.


It started with 110 members, the leaders were General Shop, Drew Koskey, Viper1500 and Stephen22288.


VR would PK daily already gaining a reputation for being one of the most active F2P clan. The first full out fight was against Mystic Knights, even with very little experience fighting together, VR was able to crush them and take the win. VR signed up for the Runescape Community RAW rankings and began to climb the list, brushing aside many clans that stood in the way. VR also went on to beat Chivalry Legion by a healthy margin.


As full out wars and RAW rankings were starting to dwindle in favour of PK run ins and large scale returning fights, VR’s last RAW fight was against Gladz. Both clans managed to pull 120 people, VR stood at member’s gate with 40 people ending, but as crashers interfered with the fight, it was called a draw. 


As VR continued PKing and hitting smaller clans whilst building up its members and returning ability. Towards the end of 2007 was when VR really made a name for itself, a clan that was written off my many was fighting clans such as Divine Forces (DF), Eternal Honour (EH) and Damage Inc. (DI), all capable of pulling 70 people to PK trips. Fights lasted for hours, with VR winning many of them, this caused a lot of anger towards VR by some of the older clans. This is where the rivalries and clusters of 2007 really began.


2007 – Pking, Rivalries and Clusters


At the start of 2007, VR began to have intense rivalry with DF. After many hard fought battles with both clans winning and losing, VR and Cor would team together to take on DF and EH, which lead to further fights and even more activity.


One weekend, a planned PK run in between VR and DI was crashed by DF, hitting DI before the fight started. VR and DI, the blue cape unit both turned on DF, leading them to call EH. After a few hours, VR and DI were the victors. Similar fights happened week after week with similar results.

After the VR vs DF rivalry had died down, VR began fighting Cor, a powerhouse in the summer of 2007. After a few fights, DF actually decided to step in on the side of VR, with Cor calling DI to aid them. After winning the majority of these 2 vs 2 fights, Cor and DI recruited some more clans to help them. With VR hunting smaller clans such as The Titans (TT), Collision (Col), Echo of Silence (EOS) and Noobs Inc. (NI) on many occasions, they were willing to jump into fights against VR. However, EH, The Rising (TR), Chivalry Legions (CL) and Aggression (AG) jumped in on the side of VR and DF leading to some of the biggest clusters in the history of the clan world.


During this time of huge clusters, many VR officials were mass banned for real-life trading. This was a massive blow for VR, with people such as Tyler11, Viper1500, Evizu, Diegosage, General Shop and Lancer 3000 all losing their accounts. Although a true test, VR quickly recovered and was soon back towards the top.


The next VR mission was to hunt Col and EOS who had been jumping into the clusters, fighting for the other side. A spy was put into Col and VR would hit them every time they had a PK trip. For several months this continued until Col was forced into creating a 2 week preparation PK trip, knowing VR would be there to hit them. The 120 Collision were no match for VR’s more experienced 110. After 5 minutes of fighting, Collision were left with 20 people at moss giants and did not PK for some time.


Next on the agenda was EOS. With VR hunting EOS or EOS hunting VR almost every day, it created one of the most active rivalries ever. After many months of this intense rivalry, Cor and NI began to ruin the run ins with EOS and eventually both clans became annoyed by the constant interference and teamed to run Cor and NI out of the wilderness. Towards the end of 2007, VR vs EOS fighting continued but were anti-crashed by DF. The last fight before the wilderness was removed was of course between VR and EOS, which found VR victorious after 4 hours of fighting.


2008 – Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars


On the 10th of December 2007, Jagex shut down the wilderness and opened Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars due to botting and real world trading problems.


Many thought that this would be the end of the clan world, as many clans fell, VR flourished. PKing two or three times a day in different timezones, VR was by far the most active clan. During this time, VR would pull 80 people to PK trips and would fight clans such as The Runescape Warhungers Federation (TRWF), Runescape Dinasty (RSD), TT and Cor on the weekends whilst mainly fighting EOS on the weekdays. One fight between VR and EOS started at 4am GMT and lasted for 7 hours, with VR being victorious.


VR was faced with yet another challenge during the Bounty Hunter era. Two of VR’s founders, Viper1500 and General Shop decided to create a new clan named Final Resistance (FR) which caused many VR to leave. Many thought it would be the end of VR, but once again they were proved wrong. Three days after the split, VR pulled 85 people.


The end of multi bounty hunter ended just like the end of the wilderness, with a PK run in between VR and EOS, with EOS calling off returning at 4am GMT, after a 5 hour fight. The day after, Jagex changed bounty hunter to single way combat and clans could no longer PK there.


All clan fights now had to be in the Clan Wars arena. With a lot of clans reluctant to fight in the new safe arena, the general activity of the clan world dropped massively. However, VR maintained great activity and began to become one of the better CWA clans, winning both F2P and P2P fights, having an average of 12 fights every week, the majority of which were against Shadow Elves (SE).


Jagex then made an update that allowed clans to fight in a free for all portal, where members could return. VR took the new arena by storm, fighting mainly DF and EOS and were once again considered the most active clan. Both TT and Col attempted to PK in the new arena but were always shut down by VR. Although fighting the same clans over and over became boring, it provided a solid base for the PvP update that everyone was waiting for.


The 15th of October 2008, the day that VR was waiting for, finally arrived. The wilderness had returned and we had no plans of fighting in clan wars. We kept up our activity and PKed almost every day, just as before. Towards the end of 2008, VR set up big prepped fights with DI, EH, SE and RSD, with VR being victorious in all four and secured into place into the top 5, a title that it has maintained until this very day.


VR ended 2008 on a very high note, going into 2009 with the confidence and momentum to do unimaginable things. 


2009 – Dominance of the Clan World


After good preparation, VR went into the new year wanting to stamp our mark on their clan world. VR’s first major fight of 2009 was a week prep against Cor (ranked 2nd) on January the 4th. VR made history and pulled maxed options for their first time. After 4 hours of destruction VR stood victorious with 110 people remaining. The very next day saw VR defeat EH after 6 hours.


TT (currently ranked #1) see how strong VR are becoming and after finding out about some forum spies give VR a “final warning” to either kick the members at fault (Riku147777 and Craigberry11) or be constantly crashed. The next day, VR vs DF occurs with both clans pulling over 100 people, TT crash and after teaming to clear are sent to single. VR and DF agree upon a draw.


The next day VR run into Cor and begin the fight outnumbered 50 to 70, after just over 3 hours of fighting, Corruption are cleared and VR end with over 90 people. TT’s crash attempt was a complete failure.


TT fight for #1 - On January the 13th, VR are our PKing and get word that TT are massing for them. The tension and hatred between both clans had been building and the fight seems inevitable. Both clans began with just 50 or so people but TT soon gain to over 80 and VR only begin to gain after about 3 hours of fighting. After a 7 hour battle, VR once again amazes the clan world by taking the #1 spot, ending with just under 80 people.


We continued the year strong, taking down Cor, DI, EH, DF many times and after another huge win over TT, the clan world began to stave VR. As the days pass by VR started to P2P more and more and picked up wins against RSC, KO, NB, TC and ROT. Getting up to rank #2 in P2P, just below DI.


Bored of being starved, VR went into the fights of clans we had beef with and created clusters. SE, DF, Cor and numerous other clans made an alliance in an attempt to take out VR, who were aided by just DK. Eventually fighting 8 vs 2 became boring and we decided to stop creating the clusters and let clans have their 1 vs 1s  again.


In the Jagex cup, VR found itself facing off against “the most organized clan” TT in the finals, after shredding TT and winning 66-0 VR was disqualified for a few members using corrupt dragon weapons.


As summer arrived, VR found themselves fighting DF night after night, pulling 100 to no prep PKs and ending DF the majority of the time. As DF took beating after beating, their activity started to plummet and they were no longer able to compete, leaving VR clearly in the #1 spot with no other clan being able to compete. With Legolas, the leader of DF making threats towards VR, we finished off a fight with Cor in just 45 minutes and hopped to a DF vs DI 5 hour cap, to crash DF. A few weeks of ending DF PK trips and crashing their fights, DF had a week prep PK run in with EOS. VR once again crashed the fight leaving DF and EOS to attempt to stop to clear. EOS got mad that their week prep event was ruined and joined DF’s side in the crash war. Soon after, Cor also joined the crash war, being mad that their ex-warlords, D2master12 and Lukas1400 had left them for VR and made them slump. At this point we were in a crash war against 5 clans (DF, EOS, Cor, PH, NI) all hoping to kill VR.


VR found themselves with an influx of members, from DI who recently closed as well as Brutality (Brut) and Frozen Fury (FF). With over 90 FAs and a total member list of over 250. After months of crashing, using our spies and hitting clans on login and fighting 2 vs 1 until the other 3 clans arrived.

We put up a week prep PK for the 14th of November 2009. After pumping up the event like no other, VR managed to pull an extraordinary 200 people to take on all 5 clans. After 8 hours of fighting, we ended having been outpulled by about 100 people.






The crash war continued with DF, Cor and EOS’s activity and pulls getting lower and lower as VR strived to pull maxed options to no prep PKs. Cor and EOS officials came looking to truce out of the crash war and being interested mostly in DF after all of the crap Legolas was talking, we gladly accepted. At this point DF couldn’t pull enough to affect our fights, even with NI aiding them, so for the rest of the year we went back to 1 vs 1s with around 30-40 DF crashing or just ended clans before DF was able to mass up.




With many Brutality members being VR and Brut having a rivalry in P2P with Reign Of Terror (ROT), ROT decided to come to F2P to kill the Brut in VR. We didn’t stand for it and began to crash ROTs fights in P2P, sometimes with over 100 people. They became bitter that even with two clans they couldn’t win fights and began to use cheap, out of game methods to try to break us, mainly DDoSing our forums and teamspeak.


On January the 18th 2010, VR got their first chance to fight both DF and ROT in a 2 vs 1 fight. After 6 hours of fighting, DF and ROT called off returning, leaving VR with 80 people strong at member’s gate. Similar 2 vs 1 fights continued to occur until Pure Hatred (PH) joined in on the side of DF and ROT, leading to some of the most explosive 3 vs 1 fights. After months of crashing and forcing ROT, DF and PH’s pulls to decrease, VR stood toe to toe with all three clans on the 1st of May, placing SWAT on DF and maintaining a pile whilst being mass sniped by 50 ROT. After 8 hours, VR once again stood victorious.


After Legolas disappeared from DF, the clans forming the alliance against VR came looking for a truce and after being DDoSed constantly for almost 6 months, we accepted looking to defeat the new major power, Runescape Dinasty (RSD). As soon as the crash war was over, VR organized a week prep with RSD for the 5th of June, pulling 170 people. Although we were being sniped by some of the more mad members of DF and ROT, we has RSD pinned down at RDG for 8 hours, VR’s numbers dropped down on teamspeak and instead of allowing RSD to get back into the fight, VR ended early.


Over the next few months, VR had many long fights against both RSD and TT. Including an 11 hour victory against TT on the 16th of June and a 10 hour victory against RSD on the 6th of July. In the time between July and October of 2010, VR went unbeaten and once again claimed the number 1 spot.


Towards the end of 2010, the crash war between DF, ROT and VR reignited. After having a chance to recover, DF and ROT were much stronger than before. EOS entered the crash war on our side, leading to many 2 vs 2 fights, with VR and EOS winning the majority.




On January 17th, VR and EOS truced with ROT and DF, leading to a few months of clean 1 vs 1 fights. The day after, VR caught ROT PKing and ended them in 2 hours, with 100 people remaining.


Then, on the 24th of January, VR set up a 2 hour cap with RSD, peaking at 121 people on teamspeak, just days after the crash war had ended.

The only clans that would fight us were TT, DF and RSD on caps and occasionally ROT would come out to try their luck. We continued to hit clan’s preps with no prep and take fights with a massive numerical difference at the start, knowing our no prep activity would win us any fight.


A week prep PK run in was planned between VR and RSD for the 8th of April. It turned out to be the hardest and longest battle in the history of the clan world. Both clans started with maxed options, however after 24 hours, VR stood at membersgate with maxed options whilst RSD ended with about 50 on teamspeak, even after being DDoSed and sniped by Kill Orgy.





One of our last fights before the next crash war was a 2 hour cap with RSD on the 8th of June, with RSD ending after only 50 minutes.





Once again the tensions between VR and ROT grew and the crashing started, this time with ROT thinking they have the F2P ability to defeat VR in a straight up 1 vs 1. Fights between VR and ROT were fierce and frequent. With VR winning the majority of fights and ROT often outlasting for up to 16 hours for victory.


The last fight between VR and ROT was on August the 24th, where after an 8 hour beating, ROT finally gave up. They never recovered and were not able to fight VR 1 vs 1 again.






Soon after the infamous beating that ROT took, they manipulated Cor into joining them in the crash war against VR. On the 30th of August, Reign of Terror died and left Cor in a massive hole of their own.


On September the 11th, Cors leader decided to put up a week prep PK in an attempt to defeat VR in a 1 vs 1, after getting some recruits from ROT. Their members were really pumped for the fight, thinking that pulling 70 people would be more than enough to defeat VR. The fight that occurred was probably the most one sided fight ever. With VR racking up 300 kills in 80 minutes, a 4:1 kill to death ratio and 100 people ending.





It’s fair to say that Corruption was never the same.


A few weeks went by, before things started to get interesting again. Pure Hatred (PH) and their new allies Downfall (DF2) joined Cor’s cause, as well as Critical Damage (CD) and a bunch of ex-ROT members still mad over their clan closing, from now on referred to as team-ROT.


The first 5 vs 1 occurred on the 14th of September with 60 VR facing off against over 100 Cor + PH + DF2 + CD + Team-ROT. After 6 and a half hours of fighting, VR stood victorious. The second 5 vs 1 took place after a little prep on the 24th of September, with 70 VR taking on over 140 alliance members. Once again VR held strong as each clan lost faith in their ability, ending with 60 people after 8 hours of fighting. The last of these big clusters took place on the 2nd of October and was VR + Brut vs DF2 + WG + NBK + Envy + Cor + PH + CD. This time it only took a few hours to shatter their dreams.





For the rest of the year, the alliance was in such disarray that we were able to get capped fights with the likes of DF, EOS, TT and a new clan, Solace (SOL) whilst fending off the crashers when needed, often creating our own AC unit. After doing as much damage as we could to the clans who formed up against us, we allowed them off the hook as a Christmas present, looking to once again prove our dominance in 1 vs 1s.




VR started off 2012 with a bang, having three fights in the first three days, two capped fights against Solace, with VR easily taking the win on both options and KDR. On the 3rd of January VR fought RSD for the first time in a while, organising a 2 hour capped fight. With Solace fights being pretty boring, we were pumped up to destroy RSD. With both clans starting with 60 people, RSD called off returning 40 minutes before the cap was up, with VR gaining up to an impressive 103 on teamspeak. Once again we had proved that no crash war could ever affect us.


On the 29th of January an uncapped week prep was set up between VR and the current #1 clan, DF. Knowing that team-ROT would have a huge presence at the fight, we prepped hard and expected a tough battle. With both clans starting with 115 people, it only took VR 6 hours to dismantle both DF and team-ROT and stood proud at members gate with 110 people ending, whilst team-ROT was basically non-existent and DF had dropped down to 60 people on teamspeak.


After once again proving that we were the number one clan, we turned on TT and Cor, who were harbouring the ROT that were crashing us. A few weeks after the crashing recommenced, on the 7th of February, Corruption died, leaving us with just TT, KO and very few team-ROT members to deal with.


On the 26th of March, TT put up a 10 day prep to fight us, finding out late, we threw up a 12 hour prep of our own and met them head on, along with KO crashers. Both clans started with 60 people and after about 3 hours, we ended both clans with just under 70 people remaining.


TT were so demoralized by the loss that they didn’t really recover and struggled to pull more than 40 people even with a large prep. Now that team-ROT had disappeared and TT were struggling to pull 30 people, VR went back to fighting capped fights with the likes of DF, SOL and RSD, even with TT attempting to crash.


On the 24th of July VR had its first big test, fighting RSD + TT in an uncapped PK run in. With RSD looking to get a cheap win (surprise surprise) refused to clear crashers. VR started with 50, peaked at 81 and ended with 68 and 7am GMT, after a 10 hour fight.





In the Jagex Cup, VR won both F2P and P2P full outs, crushing DF 73-0 in the F2P cup and RSD 85-0 in the P2P cup.





The crash war with TT continued and after fighting Solace on many occasions with them helping to clear crashers, they became too big for their boots and wanted to take VR’s #1 spot. They began refusing to clear crashers and flaming VR’s quality. After a huge 8 hour fight with them once again refusing to clear TT, a new target had arrived. The new alliance of PH and DF2 saw this and jumped on the side of TT and SOL. However, EOS also had beef with SOL, leading to a 2 vs 4 crash war. VR + EOS vs SOL + TT + PH + DF2.


It was around this time that TT leader, Bishinmo, decided to leave TT in favour of joining Collision, abandoning his clan in the middle of a crash war.

With VR and EOS’s weekday activity being much higher than the rest of the clans, we often had short 1 vs 1 fights to lure the alliance clans out which lead to many clusters. On the 25th of October, VR + EOS + CD took on SOL + TT + PH + DF2 + TK + WL + LS. The alliance decided to try to send 3 clans at a time to mass snipe VR, we continued to maintain a strong pile and clear wave after wave of snipers until they stopped returning. Then switched to Solace, where both EOS and VR obliterated them from the map. VR’s team come out victorious after only 3 hours, ending with over 70 people.





This crash war lasted all the way up until the 20th of November 2012, when Jagex introduced a new combat system, called Evolution Of Combat (EOC). The new combat system was seen by most as the end of the clan world. It was dark days, with VR’s average pulls dropping significantly, with many key members going inactive after not being able to get to grips with the new graphics and combat mechanics.


2013 – Oldschool Returns

Two of VR’s main rivals, Runescape Dinasty (23rd of Jan) and Solace (24th of Feb) closed during this time, leading to a very small clan world.

On the 22nd of February, where Jagex released the Oldschool servers. Without hesitation VR quickly switched to the new servers, choosing to train new accounts rather than PK with the horrible new combat system. With the return of Oldschool, came the return of ROT and DI.

For the first few months of oldschool, VR was busy training up new accounts, trying to get high combat levels. For the first few months of Oldschool there were only P2P worlds, meaning VR could only PK there. We had a fair few fights with several wins and losses. When F2P servers were finally released, VR hit them hard, setting up capped fights with DF, DI, ROT and EOS.


One of VR’s first F2P fights was a 90 minute cap against PH and TT. With VR starting wth a healthy 65 people, we transitioned all over the lower levelled PH and TT members, making them log out when it came time to end. VR stood victorious with 210 options, just months after the release of oldschool. Not long after, on the 1st of September 2013, after years of being thumped by VR, TT decide to close.






On the 21st of July, VR had an week prep PK run in with DI. VR pulled 90 people starting, with DI pulling 80. After destroying DI for hours upon end, they decided to try to outlast, after 11 hours of fighting, the longest fight of oldschool to this day, VR stood victorious with just under 50 people.






Then, on the 26th of August, ROT crashed a VR vs Genesis fight. Which created a crash war that still persists to this day, with neither clan willing to back down. In the latter months of 2013, around 30 VR members were banned for one month for botting their accounts, including the majority of the officials. With VR rendered useless, it was down to these that still had usable accounts to crash rot. VR’s activity plummeted.




With VR still trying to get back onto its feet, it fell to the bottom of the top 4, crashing ROT fights when needed and setting up capped fights with DI and DF to maintain activity. During this time ROT would DDoS our forums, teamspeaks and even individual members during fights to ensure that our morale was kept as low as possible. VR is a one in a million clan, any other clan would have given up, the resilience our members showed truly amazing.


After rebuilding for a few months, we got our first clean 1 vs 1 with ROT on the 7th of April and ended them after a 7 hour f2p battle, with ROT reduced to mass sniping and dragging south to below 30 wilderness.


We created 2 vs 2 clusters with VR + DF vs ROT + DI (even though DI had been crashed and DDoSed by ROT for months just prior to this). These clusters went back and forwards, with VR and DF winning the majority, the last of which occurred on the 31st of August, with VR and DF forcing ROT and DI into single north of moss giants. After reconfirming our place as top of the pile, all three clans turned against us.


We changed our tactics, instead of crashing ROT with DF or DI Acing us away, we targeted all three clans, showing them that if VR cannot have clean fights then nobody can. Soon enough our tactics paid off. The clan world would go weeks without wilderness fights. Eventually DF and DI realized that it was futile to try to fight with VR getting stronger and stronger and every other clan was starved of action and took our side, deciding to fight us and stop to clear ROT.




2015 saw VR once again rising back to the top of the clan world. For the first half of 2015, ROT had one wilderness fight, against VR on the 15th of February, where they were torn apart by 100 VR.





They resorted instead to terrible tactics such as crashing in 1 item or adamant, whilst VR, DF and DI had capped 1 vs 1 fights with the other clan ACing. It’s fair to say that VR won the majority of these fights, outperforming and having higher ending options in most.


A few random fights include the 5th of April when VR defeat DI with 83 people remaining.






In the summer of 2015, ROT gained a surge of new members from Sovereign and once again tried to step up to face VR in 1 vs 1 fights. However these rag P2P PKers were terrible at F2P, meaning ROT couldn’t compete, even with mas name changes and DDoSing on their side.


On the 23rd of August, whist DF and DI were fighting, ROT decided to actually gear up in rune for a change and take on VR head to head. Safe to say we put them away in under 3 hours. Ending with over 80 people.





Then, on the 30th of August, VR pulled 100 people to fight DI, who had just had an influx of EOS members. Although DI managed to pull 90 people, they logged out when the cap had finished, leaving us wondering why ROT had disappeared.





The caps and events, continued all the way into the latter parts of the year. With DI no longer being able to fight us, almost every wilderness event is now VR vs DF with ROT crashing in addy.


Although ROT are still considered #1 by most of the clan world, even though they haven’t actually cleared anyone in years, nobody can clear them either. They create long and boring fights by standing on top of each other in greater demons and returning in 10 seconds with GDZ tabs for hours and hours.


On the 15th of December, VR was able to overcome ROT, killing them so quick that they were forced to return in rag and 4 items of rune with no skull, securing their place as #1 in the clan world.







As the new year of 2016 rolled around, Violent Resolution called Reign of Terror out publicly for a week prep uncapped fight to reinforce its claim to the throne as #1 clan. Doubts were being had as to whether each clan would fight alone, but with Divine Forces occupying Damage Inc in a 1v1 our hopes were high. Violent Resolution stood 120 men strong at East Tree awaiting RoT’s rush, but to the disgust of the clan world RoT came in alongside Downfall, Fools, and Jaja. For 6 hours Violent Resolution fought against odds, 120 vs 260, in the fight which eventually turned into a 2v6 as DF and DI joined in.

Happy with its performance against anti-vR, Violent Resolution ended with 300 opts after 6 hours. VR was not broken, and looked ahead into 2016 more driven than ever and with multiple new opponents to take down.

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feels good reading that, nothing beats pulling +200 people to a no prep event and clearing DF within 30 minutes. vr unstoppable


i had to stop playing when rs3 came out and ruined the game for me. but i still miss pking with vr

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Paisa Man
6 minutes ago, Tgarbo said:

feels good reading that, nothing beats pulling +200 people to a no prep event and clearing DF within 30 minutes. vr unstoppable


i had to stop playing when rs3 came out and ruined the game for me. but i still miss pking with vr

old school runescape has been out for 3 years, basically the 2007 version of rs and all the clans migrated to it including us.

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20 hours ago, Paisa Man said:

old school runescape has been out for 3 years, basically the 2007 version of rs and all the clans migrated to it including us.

it would take too long for me to get back up to lvl120+ now that i work 5-7 days a week

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1 hour ago, Tgarbo said:

it would take too long for me to get back up to lvl120+ now that i work 5-7 days a week

It's very afk and up 155k/h now with melee.

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