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3 hours ago, Zak_45 said:

Karo is OP @Brett she must be an iron lady and go it alone ;)

Hahaha Agreed, Karo forced to solo because of pvm Strength

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It sounds decent except for a few things that I found would just be a pain or just adding in too much making it more complicated then it has to be, also things that people could very easily cheat with. 

  • Clan/Team with most members % participating  (don't really need)
  • Clan/Team with most recorded kills of Wilderness Bosses (this would probably just be way too much information to track all the pics)
  • Most Pets lost due another clan  (dont really need) 
  • Most single kills (should just say most kills if the pvp part is added) 

So basically, there should be a smaller amount of catagories (less complicated). Like possibly-

Wildress Boss Catagory (Team/Clan)

  • Clan/Team with most Wilderness Boss Pet Drops
  • Clan/Team with most recorded kills of Wilderness Bosses
  • Clan/Team with the largest amount of GP made from Wilderness Boss kills

And same would apply to the individual who was to win one of these catagories. Still really unsure of the most recorded kills that may just get too complicated. 

Wilderness Pkng Catagory (Team/Clan)


  • Clan/Team with most Wilderness Player Kills ( would be hard to prove what is legitimate kills and what is just people killing friends etc). 
  • Clan/Team with the most +1's (also hard to prove that it isn't thier +1 they are dropping on the pile to win it.) 

So I think the pkng part should possibly not be added to it? I think there should be enough action and people out because of the pvm/boss part that pkng should get active enough. Just make it an open Wilderness PVM Event, But who's deciding what the winners get for this? It would have to be enough to interest people to want to do it. I've been thinking how that could work, and how those amounts can be achieved. 

And definitely not 2 weeks to a month, that is going to be a lot of work for whoever is going to be in charge and a lot of pics and info to go through. I'd say just 7 days would be good enough. 

As far as advertising I think whoever is really good at making videos like that should definitely do that and put it on twich/reddit/youtube/zybez whatever you can. Very good idea. 

Also, is this going to be only for people that are in a clan/team or should this be open to more people, as in just clanless individuals? I wasn't sure nothing was really said about that but it could definitely be advertisment for VR to the clanless community. 

Anyway, still thinking up options to make it interesting and people to want to get involved. Also, the part about the prize to the winners to make them want to take part of it. 


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4 hours ago, Brett` said:


Yea, everything @Donnasaid was on point. As the original idea was brought out in summer, where there were no Rev caves and the P2p wilderness activity wasn't anything close to what it is now. 

The length and depth of the competition was just an raw idea, whether to implement all points or just tinker them around and maybe leave something out, that wasn't never reached at :D

So, atm it seems quite logical layout. 

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Sure im down about the wilderness comp sounds fun..


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