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Rs again?

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Hey bruhs how you doing? :) Some of you might still recognize and some of you dont know here some sht about me .

What is your in-game name/irl name?

What is your age?

What timezone are you in?

Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it.

-i have started with RHK (hungarian clan) then i left them after many years coz i was dedicated to join top clans 

joined Corruption in 2006 left them 09 coz rs gone forever (i thought)

rs came back as Osrs but Corr was not alive anymore then i was searching for new journey. some hungarian friends like neszojjabe/matthiasrex  already been part of VR life those times so they told me why not try then this is how you found me or i found you
actually i have no idea when joined exactly maybe 2011 ?! then unfortunatly forums was no reachable for me anymore then i totally left rs and  (maybe in 2012/3? when rod killed all clan life) this is how Vr life ended for me :(

How did you find out about VR?

Do you plan on joining VR?

-well im actually not planing to go back RS life i just came back coz found some good sht videon on youtube about vr nowdays which made me questionable oo hella VR still active? :) im actually planing to stay here and follow your new path and join only to the community maybe helping pull the number on f2p and kill those rod shits if possible :P:)

Tell us about yourself
-once upon a time there was a lady who was my mother......

Living in Budapest in hungary working as a drive for a company and in free time im playing WoW (warmane ally side icecrown) i was sport guy but left coz my collarbone broken twice. now living in a flat house with my friend and living for the present. nothing special about me :) 

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Bear 187
5 hours ago, Skimer40 said:



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