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Barahn (old member since 2010)

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hi im back to runescape, i changed the name of my account to Slash Ma1n.

ive been playing rs since 2003 ive been in many many clans since then and now im back to rs. i wanna apply to this clan. i remember fighting rot+di+df and even then winning some times. we were number 1 and i spect we are now or we will. i already trained my acc it is lvl 123 and im going to max it. maybe some of you remember me my rs name was Barahn. 

What is your in-game name/irl name?
- Slash Ma1n 

What is your age?
- 32

What timezone are you in?
- GMT-6

Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it.
- in 2010 ~ , i was VR member until EOC update, then i decided to quit rs. we were #1 for more than a year. 

How did you find out about VR?
- Since 2010 or more

Do you plan on joining VR?
- yes

Tell us about yourself
- i live in mexico i like videogames, sports and travel. i work during the day and i have time to play at nights and weekends


can you change my name to Slash Ma1n. this is my old account i could recover from my email

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to complete info

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King Gucci

Paisa man closed the gates 

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I remember Barahn but i have no idea of knowing if this is really him lol.

Hi though

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13 hours ago, Kaochinx27 said:

I remember Barahn but i have no idea of knowing if this is really him lol.

Hi though

add me in rs (barahn / Slash Ma1n) im training my account 24/7 so ill be on. ive just added you.. i changed my name like 3 days ago because ive been using a pure called Slash Pure in a pure f2p clan (clan name: XL) lvls 50.

i have the name of aleiram07 in this forum cause i had a rs gf who lended me her account because she quited rs. but then she wanted her account back (she had like 2300 total) so i wanted to use her account instead of mine. but im really barahn bro. can you switch my name in forums for Slash Ma1n or Barahn. any of both would be good. 

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On 4/2/2019 at 6:55 PM, G E O I D E said:



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