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Nigga Rich

Rich Boy intro 2

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Nigga Rich

What is your in-game name/irl name?
- Rich Boy. Rich is fine.

What is your age?
- 25.

What timezone are you in?
- est.

Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it.
- not since 2010.

How did you find out about VR?
- seen your name around for a long time. Figured I drop by and talk about the old days/roast dead clans.

Do you plan on joining VR?
- I have to see rl was really busy last time I had a lot of studying to do, but now things are looking ok. After my finals however it looks ok.

Tell us about yourself
- Names not Rich Boy, but I'm ok with Rich. I'm a comp sci student, I like pro wrestling, football, & baseball, I also do a bit of gaming  like Halo because it's not as time consuming. I like working out, & eating healthy. I have a bit of strange sense of humor which is pretty much satire & offensive shit. So don't take anything I say to serious because I don't take anything people say at me serious lol. I did an community intro about a year back but I couldn't commit because RL got really busy, the reason why I made a new account is because I don't exactly remember the email of the old account.

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nice to meet u ^_^

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lost spirit8

Do you remember your clans before 2010? Welcome

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