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Violent Resolution's Monday ft. Cards/CT

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR


Made a little trip for tonight. Killed some small teams before Cards came in wit ballistas. We got the men back together and started on the open CC hunt.

We scouted their worlds watching them DD multiple times on the 30 line in ballis. We hopped in to the east of the and mass barraged their 30 man DD with our 15 people. Despite being outnumbered 2:1, we smoked all in their pile while having 2 casualties on VR's end. After 30 seconds, Authority was cleared from the map and we continued our trip.

We continued hopping around, finding SR with a few and a few other random small teams who we cleared with ease.

Found Authority once again as we logged in and rushed their DD. This time they spread a little better but of their 30, maybe 10 got to spread around. The rest of their 30 men got barraged out on the 30 line once again, either getting 2 hit or instant tabbing. They continued to try to hold a pile to the north on me while myself and another VR member tanked them around and we transitioned through all of them. After a quick 2 minutes of fighting, Authority was cleared once again from the world.

We continued hopping, running into Bir 25 and whoever the hell he was with at this timezone, assuming Vitality. Cleared the small 5 man of them they were with before continuing our trip.

We logged into another world that we scouted a random team on. As we logged in CT Leader Christy logged in at the same time and we instantly turned our attention to CT as they logged into the world. Fight stayed in the middle of revs and VR transitioned through CT mages and Supreme shit members, forcing them to start pulling to the north and fight it in black dragons. VR followed CT into dragons and a fight continued for about 20 minutes with VR dominating every second of it. Both VR and CT both gained up to 20ish members but CT never held more than ~12 ingame at any point as we continued to feast on them returning. After 20 minutes, CT called their men to the north door to hold single and VR took ending in dragons and called it a night.


Thanks for the action.

8 kills, 2 deaths








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2 Easy for V2R. Cards better watch it or he'll be closing soon.

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Bear 187

good job guys fell asleep as soon as i got home from work other wise i would have maid this.

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Good work VR. All you make it possible. thanks est unit bringing your A game & late gmters 

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Rj Deathlord

Smoked Ct, AGAIN.


Easy for V2R

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