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Violent Resolution's Wednesday - Jan 29 ft. DF/Veng/OAC/JaJa/PLEX/Moi

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Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat

Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR
VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR


Earlier in the day we had a little battle with ROT. After a quick scrap, ROT came in crashing. We continued our cap to the south at 13 alter where we fought DF for a little while longer. As the time cap neared the end, we got word that crashers were about to come in again and we decided to teleport out considering the cap was over.


After a quick break for everyone to eat dinner and chill a bit, Tristin and co. got the men on for a late night EST PK. We hopped around Vetion where we ended up finding Veng. We were outnumbered to start, but got the men on and came back in force. We ran into Veng again and shortly after rushing, OAC rushed in making it a cluster. We turned our focus on OAC as the majority of Veng teleported out to camp returners at corp. We instructed the men to hop to return and continued piling OAC to the north. AFter a quick 5 minute fight, OAC was cleared from the world.

We hopped back around Vetion looking for action, this time running into JaJa. We fought JaJa for about 10 minute to the north, clearing them and taking our ending in the bone pit.

We then heard JaJa was camping south corp so we rushed them quickly and restarted the fight. After another 10 minutes of fighting, ROT rushed and both clans left the fight area.


At this point we moved back to vetion to look for OAC/Veng again but couldn't find them. We went to new gate where we killed 2 small teams but with nothing much out, we moved to Rev caves.


We hopped around clearing anything and everything we could find, including Latinos, CPK, Blue Owl, PLEX and a few other random small teams. Eventually we hopped over to Moi worlds in search for CPK who has been harassing them lately. After sweeping Moi PvMers, they massed their men up in full and rushed us with 25 people. VR fought 15 vs their 25 for a while as we gained more and pushed the fight into black dragons to the north.

After almost wiping them out twice north, another team rushed us from the south east and VR focused our barrages at the south east entrance of black dragons. After making work of that team, we continued focusing moi until they moved south into revs once again.

We took our ending of the fight north and re-rushed them south, pushing into them on the 30 line. They continued to fight back, but this time told their members to straight up bring 1 item crystal bows and spears, double dhide AGS and refused to continue the fight properly.

After a total of about 60 minutes of fighting, we told the men to teleport out as it just wasn't worth out time anymore with them in 1 item.

Thanks for the scrap until you de-geared. Good job to all VR who attended. Peaked at like 22 at 12:00am EST.




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