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What is your in-game name/irl name?
- I Anb3rlin RSN, PJ IRL

What is your age?
- 27

What timezone are you in?

Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it.

A long time ago, but I was one of the leaders of Exigence (RSB clan, held rank #1 for a while). Had wars usually capping at 100 on Saturdays.
Me and a bunch of my friends from Exigence joined Frozen Fury together, and eventually a few of us also went to VR. None of my friends really play anymore, but if anybody happens to remember they where: Matt (RSN: Srs Bizness/Im Bored 27, IRC: Matt|Srs) TJ (RSN: Blitzkreig, IRC TJ) and Stephen (RSN: Pencil_Fork) -- there were others but these dudes would be the ones most noteworthy 

How did you find out about VR?
- Blazer spamming about it probably

Do you plan on joining VR?
- 100%

Tell us about yourself
- Currently live with the girlfriend and our dog, working as a Senior Developer (team lead) at a cyber security firm. Also just recently started playing runescape again and I really have that PvP war itch. Also recently got into producing music. I still suck, you don't want to hear it.

- I like long walks on the beach

- Fucking love sushi

- I placed second in a hacking competition once playing solo against teams of 4

- I like metal, rap/trap and that alternative emo rap sub genre, like a lot.

- For 500m can provide evidence Blazer still uses a voice changer because he never hit puberty 


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