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  2. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

    Gj vr
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  4. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

    Good Job Everyone!
  5. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

  6. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

    2 EZ
  7. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

    too easy
  8. Violent Resolution's Friday - May 25

    Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR So last night decided to throw up a PK trip for today to see what was out. Going into the mass, we heard Divine Kings, Cut Throat, Nemesis, and a few small teams were out. Our first targets were Nemesis as we logged in and started a small fight vs them. They returned for about 5 minutes before we had them cleared and took ending. We continued the PK to hit Nemesis again. We rushed a world nad barraged the middle to find it was Divine Kings/Nemesis in the middle. As Nemesis was cleared already for the most part, VR vs DK started to go down. Unfortunately for DK they were already low and VR was full food with similar numbers ingame. We had DK down to ~5 people left ingame before the rest of them all returned at once and we were forced to dip due to numbers. We continued the PK attempting to avoid DK as they had like 35 niggas fucking around to our 18. We headed deep and ended up clearing Nemesis again there. We went back to Revs as deep was dead and ran into Latin Crew, killing a few of them and eventually Vanguard logged in on us. We fought them inside Revs for a bit as they actually fought back. Fight went on for about 5 minutes before VR had them cleared and took ending. We then ran into a dbow team and cleared them. Scouted VNG back deep wild and went deep to follow. We hopped to VNG's world and started fighting at GDS. We cleared a few of them at GDS before rushing the rest of them spread on top of New Gate. We fought there for about 15 minutes with VR holding the majority of the advantage. Eventually they called off returning and ended their trip. We then head DK was in World 19 fighting some PD/JaJa kids who seem to like to get involved in our fights vs Turmoil in the past 2 weeks so we headed there and killed a few of them but DK already had them cleared for the most part. We hopped around new gate a little more, bear and then called it a night as we were out for 3 hours and nothing else was really out. Good job to all VR who attended. LOTS of action. Was fun as fuck.. Pics:
  9. Damage Inc Ends An Era

    rip clan world
  10. New sig

    why lol
  11. 1600

    gratz man!
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  13. The Grind Is Over

    congrats man, currently going for 2k myself
  14. easy agility xp

    Agility is aids
  15. VR's Tuesday - May 22

    Gg guys
  16. Damage Inc Ends An Era

    rip one of my first clans I joined in 2005
  17. moh salah

    egyptian king
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  19. New sig

    Sik need a new one when we close rot again lmao
  20. moh salah

    Real Madrid defences next lol
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    Big bad Sparze.
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