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Nov 30 - Smoking DR

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  2. if i get any more loot without my permission slip signed there's going to be some big problems
  3. Loot so loud my mom told me to turn it down
  4. Waiting for this CT Treatment still...
  6. MOST ACTIVE & MOST HATED PK CLAN Twitter: @OSRS_VR VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs Seeing as the competition in the GMT & EST wilderness has completely faded we massed up 20 Violent Resolution Members and headed out for our daily GMT Trip, We started at Scropia and cleared out everything before moving to Castle and eventually down to Spider, Once at spider we cleared everything out and made our way up to high altar. We ended up making stanky loot at altar clearing absolutely everything and making some stanky loot, We headed over to Callisto and killed a couple stankers for their lootations. After over 3 hours of constant Pking and alot of looties we called it a trip and ended. Thanks to everyone who showed up and proved once again why were the only main clan who's allowed to PK.
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