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Clan Cup - January 2022


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Evizu has yelled at me for 17 days to do this so I guess it's time.



With 2021 being completely dominated by Violent Resolution in Events + Discord Activity, we set out for another strong year. Good luck to all clans trying to keep up.


Starting FRESH as its a new year. 




Clan Events (January 2022):

Violent Resolution: 23

Playdead: 16

Reign of Terror: 14

Divine Forces: 9

Tempest: 8

420 PKERS: 8

DeathRow: 5

Revenant: 5

Ancient Fury: no forums

Beyond Control: no forums


Discord Activity (January 2022):

Violent Resolution: 113,257

Divine Forces: 52,437

Ancient Fury: 23,396

Reign of Terror: 18,569

Revenant: 10,972

Playdead: 9,249

Beyond Control: 5,462

DeathRow: 2,879

420: 1,330

Tempest: wont let me in discord to do stats :( - will update




???????????????????????????? not a good start for other clans lads

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