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Nov 30 - Smoking DR

Violent Resolution Sweeps AEST - October 23, 2022


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Twitter: @OSRS_VR
VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs


Had a few of the guys on looking to sweep Wilderness locations. Starting off Callisto and finding a couple PVMers as well as some DK baiting single to multi, eventually died off so moved to Vetion, where we would find Exodus with a 4 man team pushing them to singles. Killing 2 of them in singles and continuing our pk, moved to Spider and after about 30 minutes of hopping and finding nothing we set our eyes on Vetion as our scouts picked up Youtuber "Finally Max"  and a couple friends with him. Knowing they would be in some good risk we legged it to Vetion and found them within a few world hops wiping them easily, and just missing a kill on their maxer. 


We teleported back up and set up North West of Vetion Trees near Vents, and started hopping hoping to catch them off guard. After about 3 minutes we logged into them deep above 30 wilderness, securing the max kill for 23.4M and wiping the rest of them off the map shortly after. Died off after that so called it, GF.







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