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5/2/2024 ~ VR SCRAP ALL DAY


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Twitter: @OSRS_VR
VR Discord: http://discord.gg/vr-rs


The day started as it always does, with VR out chasing everyone around the wilderness. Anti-VR dogs were around the wild and we needed to be sure we walked them down/to single. After about an hour of flushing out random pkers/pvmers and chasing around victim dog gmt clans, we approached RoT and asked them for a quick mass scrap. They agreed and set up ready to defend. VR rushed them west of spiders and the fight began. It was all and all a pretty even fight. They were getting into barrage clumps and our callers were transitioning from one clump to another throughout the fight. As time went on, crashers finally go wind that we were having a clean fight and thought they'd make an appearance. I think the Anti-VR alliance had 30 people today. No trolls, they were forced to sit by single and hit us as we returned. They did nothing. VR and RoT continued to scrap and move the fight east toward member's gate away from the crashers (who refused to follow). We fought there clean where although it was fairly even, it looked like VR had control of the scrap at that point, as we had much more in game and transitioned through their members. Eventually, we took the fight to 50s so both clans could farm the crashers while still fighting each other. We would move around 50s and blow up everything we could. Before ending, we had over 60 on ts. Ty for clean action RoT, was fun.


Fast forward to EST time zone, where WBR, DK, TK, Latin Crew, and all of Brazil thought they could do something. We quickly reminded them that the wilderness was NFS and they weren't allowed in it. We hit the shit alliance at spider and the fight began. We chased them from Spider entrance, to 30 line, to south of black knights, back north, then back south, east, west, you name it. We mopped them up quicker than usual. After about 30 minutes of getting farmed, the victim alliance ran east to single. As always, we sat in multi waiting for them to come back, or do anything really...but sadly, they remembered their place. I'm honestly curious as to when DR is going to man up and come help the same people they cry to when they need help. Also, can't forget we took the anti-VR alliance for yet, ANOTHER +1.


Shout out to all the VR who came online for today/tonight's action.



























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