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Violent Resolution Turns 14

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I think I'm one of the only day 1 kids left. Aren't too many that actually came from the merge way back in 2006 when we were all fucking young as hell and had no lives.


Leading up to August, Awaken and Hostile attended 1-2 merged PK trips to see how things would go. Awaken was one of the best miniwarring clans at the time, with about 40 members and would fuck around in 20 v 20s often vs any and all clans. Hostile on the other hand was a powerhouse clan, pulling 50+ to their trips and taking on some of the biggest and baddest clans alive at the time. 

After seeing how the dynamics of the two clans would work together, General Shop (awaken leader) and Viper1500/Tyler11/Stephen22288 (hostile leaders) went for it and as I was at my cottage on August 7, 2006 - the two clans merged to and Violent Resolution was made.


I came back from the cottage to see I kept my Officer rank from Awaken in the newly formed VR. We had 110 members, most of which were 120s. We started looking into climbing the RAW rankings with early fights with Mystic Knights, Gladz and Chivalry Legion. We wore black capes back then but with rivalries against clans like Anarchy early on, we moved to the less used green capes for a few years before eventually, our blue capes we are now after constant action with EH who used green at the time.


It's been a hell of a ride of the last 14 years. Been a lot of fun and I have a lot of memories of this clan. From fighting hours on end in the old wilderness, hunting EOS in BH crater at 11:00pm and finally winning 6:00am with only myself and Nodari as callers. Hunting the broken off "FR" members in VR, thinking we'd be shit after they left but pulling 80 to our first prep after they had left and smoking TRWF in our first fight, then hitting Torment + FR's first fight and fucking them up. Constant fights vs RSD and TT for #1. Killing ROT after hours long fight and having them close after they had lost to us.


Thank you to all current and ex VR members over the years. You make up what VR is today.

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Shame I only joined this clan in 2018 (first and only p2p clan). Really been enjoying my time here! Thank you boys for everything.

PS: I enjoyed fighting you guys in the 201x crash war, in osrs, clan wars (rs2 and osrs), etc


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So sick this community lasts this long , Been in FR then joined Vr after they closed. retired of rs and rejoined vr when i started to play rs again.


Now VR till i stop playing rs 

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My one and only clan ❤️ 

Joined in 2011 and it was the best time for years playing with u guys

I love u all


Happy birthday VR ❤️

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lost spirit8

VR ON MY BIG TOE HOMIE. From FF to VR over the years, it's been the best and most memorable clan community I've been in. I PUT THAT ON MY MOMMA MY CATS MY POS JEEP MY LIL B SHRINE 




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4 minutes ago, lost spirit8 said:

VR ON MY BIG TOE HOMIE. From FF to VR over the years, it's been the best and most memorable clan community I've been in. I PUT THAT ON MY MOMMA MY CATS MY POS JEEP MY LIL B SHRINE 





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8 hours ago, Viper1500 said:

Pretty crazy, was 16 years old when VR opened. Seems so long ago

Man we old as shit 

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The only clan that has ever mattered, since 2006.


Well done to everyone involved in keeping the clan going to this day. Massive respect.

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I'm glad you are all able to keep the clan running! I don't have the time, knowledge of Runescape or even an account to keep active anymore. It seems like so much less than 14 years ago, I guess time flies by.

I'll always remember the crazy amount of commitment it took from everyone to be able to do what we did! 

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On 8/8/2020 at 6:17 AM, Mike-Cera said:

Man we old as shit 

4 reals lol. I missed you guys. Glad some of you still around and are backbone of this clan. Keep it going. Wish you all the success in here and in life especially! @Viper1500 i heard you got 3 kids now. True? 

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